2013 Silver ADDY® Award from American Advertising Federation — Utah
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Ad placed in publications upside-down.

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Box and UPC sticker
We completely redesigned the headlamp package with every step of the packing, shipping and sales process in mind.
-This rectangular package stacks and ships more efficiently
-The product is highlighted and stands out from the package
-The strap design is viewable from the top while remaining protected
-The package is compact and can fit many in a small retail environment
-The most important selling points are easily found
-All packages share the same dimensions, only varying in depth in order to be merchandised efficiently

Climbing Helmets
Box and UPC sticker
-Uses roughly a third the material as original package
-The product is more prominent
-The hard shell of the helmet offers enough support where a enclosed box becomes unnecessary
-The convex top and concave bottom allows for efficient stacking
-Package can both hang and stack and can be unpacked without damaging the package

Ski/Trekking Poles and Z-Poles
Sleeve, hangtag, hanger and UPC sticker
-Uses much less material
-The product is more visible and easier to test
-The hanger is strong and doesn't bend or break
-Less cost on the main package allows for a custom hangtag for each model
-The sleeve is compact and sturdy and holds up over time

Reusable stow bag, card and UPC sticker
-Uses less material
-The harness is packed tighter in a smaller stow bag, wasting less shipping space
-The hanger is sturdier and provides more structure
-The same amount of information is represented as before

Hanger card, hangtag and UPC sticker
-Uses less material
-Less cost on the hanger card allows for a custom hangtag for each model

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Climbing Skins
Reusable stow bag, inner tray and base
-The product is much more visible
-Stow bag is used as main packaging
-Glue-less design on base requires use of stow bag zipper as anchor

Hold On To Dear Life–ATV Safety

First Time Moms 2015

Clinics 2014

Cancer Centers 2014

Emergency Services at LDS Hospital
2014 Aster Award — Gold

Cancer Centers 2013
Billboards with negative words were posted across Utah without any type of branding or reference. After several weeks, using portraits of local doctors, by region, part of the word was covered, creating a positive word. This reflected how a patient initially feels when diagnosed with cancer, but when Intermountain Healthcare physicians meet with the patient, a treatment plan gives the patient "courage" and "hope". This campaign created a local buzz and even got some news coverage.

You can proudly chew this organic, environmentally responsible gum.

Grin Gum only uses ingredients from renewable sources. For example, the tree sap used for elasticity is taken from the chicle tree found in central american rain forests. This utilizes rain forests as they stand instead of supporting depletion. Also, the tree frog is one of the many organisms that rely on the rain forests for survival.

The Grin Gum case and gum refills greatly reduce typical gum packaging waste. The hard shell on each piece of gum eliminates the need for individual wrappers. Less waste, more grins!

Starting with the wordpress.com SoundCheck theme, I was able to customize the design of this site for Better Taste Bureau (formerly Hurris & Gig), up-and-coming hip hop artists based in SLC.

Visit the live site here.

Intermountain Mobile App

Intermountain Clinics Ad
This headline was written with an actual stethoscope by photographing different sections separately and then photoshopping them together.

Park City ICU Open House Invitation
This direct mail piece folds to show that Summit County residents now have an ICU on their side of the Wasatch Mountains, much closer to home. Illustration by Mike Tea.

Curtis Jackson, more commonly known as 50 Cent, grew up in the projects in Queens, NY. His first album is a testament of his troubling childhood and life before his discovery. He is worshiped by many of those living in the same conditions today. What better way to read his lyrics than in scriptural format accompanied by your very own Saint Curtis candle?

Intermountain Healthcare uses online banners for many purposes. After providing artwork and direction to a skilled programmer, these static ideas were brought to life.